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Winter is here and you’ll be using your furnace a lot more. Here is a simple video showing the proper way to clean a furnace filter. This will keep your system running properly and efficiently all winter long!

Of course, if you prefer, call us at Casteel Heating and Cooling and we’ll be happy to come and check out your system to make sure it’s ready for the Winter!

It looks like Winter will officially be here soon and if we have one like last year, your bill could get out of hand easily. Here are some tips for saving money on your bill this season!

  • Never use open flames or candles for heating. Damage from fires is much more expensive than heating bills.
  • Try to teach children to keep doors closed and discuss other ways of conserving heat and saving energy. If yours haven’t turned out a light since they were old enough to stop playing with the light switch – good luck!
  • Check to see if you qualify for any government assistance with your heating bills if you have a low income or are a senior citizen on a fixed income.
  • Check tax breaks and homeowner’s insurance policies for savings when you add energy conserving items to your home.
  • Check with your local electric company to find out if they have times during the day when the rates are lower. Using the oven, dishwasher, washing machine and other energy demanding appliances during these times may lead to big savings. Be careful. Some plans may make you pay a premium price for using electric during peak hours and you’ll need to make sure to do wash and other chores during the off hours.
  • Talk to your utility company for other suggestions for saving money on your heating bills. Many companies will actually send someone to your house for a home energy audit and offer suggestions to help you use less energy.
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    Casteel Heating and CoolingAs the seasons change and the hot days of summer pass into the cool days of fall, and the cool days of fall give way to the bone chill of winter, most people dread cranking up the heat. The high cost of heating one’s home leaves many people wishing for a warm southern climate. But what do you do when the unthinkable happens – you turn on the thermostat to discover that your furnace is the one who went south for the winter. It means it is time to call on your friendly local heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technician.

    Many people dread having to place this call. How expensive will it be? More importantly, does the person coming to fix my furnace know what they are doing? It is important to have a contact number for an experienced, skilled, trustworthy HVAC technician. The wrong time to have to scramble around for a connection to a technician is in the middle of the winter when your furnace goes out. The prudent thing to do is to contact an HVAC technician in late summer or early fall, before you need your furnace. Have them inspect your system and stop potential problems before the start. The wise home-owner would follow the advice and keep track of the technician’s number.

    HVAC technicians Should be Knowledgeable, Accredited

    HVAC technicians can do more than just relight the pilot light on your furnace. They can also give you many money saving tips about weather-proofing your home and prolonging the life of your heating and air conditioning equipment. A good HVAC technician can give you important information about new products to heat your home or tips on how to make your furnace run better and more cost effectively. It is important you respect the skill and expertise of a good reliable HVAC technician.

    A good technician should have attended and completed training at a recognized HVACR school. It’s quite acceptable to ask a tech where he or she received training. Your furnace is the heart of your home in the winter time, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about demanding the best care for your heart.

    A skilled HVAC technician is like a good doctor or a good mechanic. You hope you never need one, but it is wise to be able to quickly get in touch with one that you can trust when the need arises. Meteorologists are predicting that this will be a brutal winter. They see freezing temperatures and lots of snow on the horizon for people in many parts of the country. What will you do if the temperature is below freezing and your furnace goes out? It is at that point that a good reliable experienced HVAC technician can be your best friend. They will come out in bitter cold in the middle of the night and make your world warm and comfortable.

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