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Winter is here and you’ll be using your furnace a lot more. Here is a simple video showing the proper way to clean a furnace filter. This will keep your system running properly and efficiently all winter long!

Of course, if you prefer, call us at Casteel Heating and Cooling and we’ll be happy to come and check out your system to make sure it’s ready for the Winter!

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Thermo here and I’ll be visiting every now and then to give you helpful tips, hints and just to make sure you’re “cool!” Feel free to stop by and say hi from time to time!

My pals and I at Casteel Heating and Cooling Inc are more than happy to make sure to keep you comfortable no matter what the temperature! See you again soon!


Customer testimonials…this is one of the greatest “commercials” we could ever have!  This video showcases testimonials from several of Casteel Heating & Cooling customers.

Want customer service like this? Call Casteel Heating and Cooling!