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Are you paying more than you should to heat and cool your home?  Surprisingly, many people are!  It’s easy to pay for an HVAC system that is too large or too small for your home, but you can save money by properly managing your home energy.  It’s important to find a system that best fits your home’s needs by doing some simple research before making your purchase.  Trane offers high-performing equipment that can help your home be more energy efficient year round.

Trane offers many high-performing and high-quality HVAC systems for homes, including high-efficiency products that can reduce your utility bills and energy costs.  These high-efficiency products can also benefit the environment.  According to Alliance to Save Energy, the average household this year will pay $2,300 this year on energy costs.  Some recommended Energy Star qualified systems to help with your energy management include the Trane XC95 and the Trane XL20i.  The Trane XC95 is one of the market’s most efficient gas furnaces and can save you up to 40 percent on home energy consumption.  The Trane XL20i is one of the highest energy efficient air conditioners on the market today and can save you up to 60 percent of your annual energy bill if it’s replacing a system 10 years or older.  Programmable thermostats, such as the Trane XL800, can also provide you annual savings with accurate temperature control.  Programmable thermostats often have an annual savings of around $100 and usually pay for themselves in two years or less. Performing preventative maintenance before the summer and winter will also help improve energy efficiency and save you money.

In addition, it’s important to make sure your HVAC system is properly installed so you’re getting the most efficiency from your system.  Energy efficiency can be impacted due to mismatched coils, improper air flow, and leaking ducts.  70 percent of HVAC systems don’t have the correct air flow and nearly 74 percent have an improper amount of refrigerant resulting in higher energy costs.  Trane products are designed to achieve maximum efficiency, reliability and comfort if properly installed.

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A heat pump is a two part system that handles the heating and cooling in your home. There is an air handler that is located inside your home and a unit that is located outside of your home. This is not unlike a central air conditioning system.

The difference is that a heat pump moves heat as opposed to generating heat. For instance, in the winter, a heat pump “moves” the heat from the outside to the inside. During the summer it does the opposite; it moves the heat from the inside to the outside. It is “pumping” the heat to the place you want it. At Casteel Heating and Cooling, we use Trane heat pumps. They have a SEER rating of up to 19.0 and are among the best value in the industry!

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