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North American Technician Excellence (NATE) just announced it is extending certification for HVAC technicians called to active duty. As soon as NATE-certified military service members deploy, their NATE certification is postponed until they return home. NATE is extending certification for HVAC technicians serving active duty to guarantee that the technician comes home with the same qualifications as he or she left with. When the technician returns home from active duty, he/she will receive all new NATE certification documents. According to NATE, the expiration date of their certification will be extended to reflect their time in service.

“All of us at NATE feel that this policy is critically important for our NATE-certified technicians active in the military, and it is the least we can do to support our troops,” said Patrick Murphy, vice president of certification for NATE. “The last thing these honorable and esteemed professionals need to worry about is the status of their certification. By stopping the clock on their NATE certification, we aim to do our small part in helping these technicians pick up where they left off when they return from serving our country.”

HVAC technicians called to active duty can simply contact NATE when they return home to extend their certification and obtain their new documents. NATE certified technicians are thrilled by the news and are pleased with NATE’s gesture to extend certification.