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Casteel Heating and Cooling offers direction and makes recommendation based on information that is backed up by testing and experience. One of the first tests we perform when replacing your HVAC unit is a Manual J “Residential Load Calculation.” This test ensures that your new unit is sized properly for your home. recommends the following:

Correct system sizing requires considering many factors other than simply reading the nameplate of the existing unit. Key factors for correctly sizing a heating and cooling system include the following:

  • The local climate
  • Size, shape, and orientation of the house
  • Insulation levels
  • Window area, location, and type
  • Air infiltration rates
  • The number and ages of occupants
  • Occupant comfort preferences
  • The types and efficiencies of lights and major home appliances (which give off heat).

Make sure that anytime you’re considering hiring an HVAC contractor you insist on having the Manual J Residential Load Calculation performed prior to signing any contract. At Casteel Heating and Cooling, we not only perform the Load Calculations but we also perform these tests as well:

  • Room by Room Airflow CalculationCasteel Heating and Cooling
  • Air Duct Leakage Calculation
  • Air Flow Leakage Reduction Guarantee
  • Infiltrometer Blower Door Test

We’ll do thorough research and testing before we recommend the right HVAC unit for you!  Call us today at 770-565-5884 Contact us online .

Casteel…world class service…unmatched quality!

The lights in my home dim when my cooling unit turns on. Does this mean there is a problem with my unit or my breaker panel?

Air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, furnaces and other devices that have large motors require large amounts of power when the motor first starts. Once the motor is spinning, the energy requirement drops down.

This instantaneous need for motor shaft speed can cause a momentary dimming of your lights. AC units come equipped with start-up capacitors. These give the motor an electric boost when it first starts up. But over time, these capacitors can get weak and become ineffective. Eventually the power draw can cause circuit breakers protecting the wiring to the units to trip.

Your air conditioning system may also be overcharged with refrigerant. Overcharging puts stress on the compressor, and in turn the motor, when it tries to get the compressor engine moving.

Excessive dimming can also be caused by a loose neutral wire in the breaker box. Your AC serviceman can check for overcharging of your AC unit, properly working start-up capacitors and loose neutral wire connections.

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Some more 5 Star comments about Casteel Heating and Cooling!

First impression was great
Technician was very professional, respectful and thorough during a service call. He exceeded my expectations. Nice Job!
by Brian25 – Posted 08/31/2010
Excellent work!
“I have used Casteel several times after they were recommended by two of my friends. Over the last few years and they have done an excellent job servicing my home A/C. I had a problem with mywith my furnace and they properly diagnosed the problem the first time. The service personnel have been polite and knowledgeable.

Give them a try. 🙂

by MartinB – Posted 08/24/2010
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Testimonials from satisfied Casteel customers!
Super Pro’s
I recently had a problem with my AC unit not working right during this heat wave. When I called on Monday afternoon I could of had an appt. on Wednesday but due to prior commitments on my part they came on Thursday. Our Tech Thai was great he diagnosed the problem quickly,did service on both units 1 being in the hot attic, and both needed freon. He was very prompt and polite. Prices were very reasonable for parts and diagnostics and with service plan no charge for freon. Great expierence would call again!
Another one!
Goes Beyond
At a most challenging time in my life Casteel went above and beyond the call…Christian all the way.
Can you say this about your HVAC contractor? Want to? Call us at (770) 565-5884; we’ll take good care of you!

Casteel Heating and Cooling is a member!ACCA is an association of over 4,000 air conditioning contractors founded in 1968 who work together to improve our industry, promote good practices, and keep homes and buildings safe, clean and comfortable.

We share one goal: to make the HVACR industry, and every professional contracting business, more successful.

So when you want quality, professionalism and success businesses, Look for an ACCA member!

Following these tips will help you reduce your energy costs:

Air Conditioner

  • Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean cooler when it comes to room air conditioners. In fact, a unit
    that is too large for the room operates less efficiently than one that is properly sized.
  • Don’t switch the unit off and on. Window units work best when left to run for long periods.
  • Don’t keep the unit running at the coldest setting. Set the thermostat as high as is comfortable.
  • Don’t put lamps or TVs near the air conditioner thermostat.
  • Use interior fans to circulate cooled air more effectively through the house.

Our handy Usage Calculator will help you estimate the cost of using various household appliances.

For more tips about other household appliances see the Full Story

 Skilled Service and Prompt Response

Casteel has a 24 hour answering service and can make emergency service calls, so you can quickly schedule an appointment with a technician even on weekends. Their technicians are very knowledgeable and don’t try to “up-sell” you for repair work that isn’t necessary. They present you with different options and let you choose what’s best for you with out pressuring you.

That’s right! At Casteel Heating and Cooling we offer 24/7/365 so that anytime you need us, we are there for you!

Mr. Bob CasteelBob Casteel is the Senior Design Manager, President and owner of Casteel Heating and Cooling, voted one of the “Top 25 Businesses of Cobb County” by the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce. A resident of Georgia for 40 years, Bob has never forgotten his humble beginnings and works hard to give back to the very people that have shown him so much support. Whether it’s giving a percentage of every sale to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in the fight against breast cancer to providing working furnaces for impoverished families during the winter, Bob Casteel has shown and continues to show his unwavering commitment to the community. Bob is a husband, father and grandfather of 6 and we can’t forget the two dogs. We want your visit to this site to give you an opportunity to get to know Bob and the wonderful people and experiences that surround him.

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And why do you care about it?

Trane has taken clean air to a whole new level to make your home a better place for living. Trane CleanEffects uses patented break through technology which has been performance verified by professors from the Harvard School of Public Health. This sytem removes more airborne allergens from your home than any other system, about 100 times that of a standard filter!

How does it work? Click here Trane CleanEffects

Serious about keeping your air clean…we are too! That’s why we use Trane products here at Casteel Heating and Cooling! Call us today for more information!


Best value around
Installed a replacement a/c unit for one that died. Explained everything including what the previous contractor had done to cut corners. Installers treated the house as if it was their own. Polite, neat and extremely thorough, couldn’t have had an easier install.
The best there is
From estimates, to price, to actual installation, Casteel and Ryan Huprich made it easy and simple. The Trane system is fantastic. Considering the agony of installing/paying for a new A/C and Htg system, it couldn’t be better. Their guarantee and employees reflect their quality. Allen Walters, Roswell, GA.
Can you say this about your HVAC technicians? Want to? Call us at Casteel Heating and Cooling…we’ll treat you special!