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The cold weather is upon us! As the temperatures continue to drop, your house will require maintenance to keep it in prime condition for the winter. Below are a few things you can check around your home to make sure you are ready!

  • Furnace Inspection: Make sure you have your furnace inspected by an HVAC professional and also have them clean your air ducts. We also recommend stocking up on furnace filters so you can change them monthly to keep your furnace running efficiently.
  • Fireplace Check: Put a screen or cap on the chimney top to keep out rodents and birds and make sure the fire place is clean inside. Also, inspect the fireplace damper for proper opening and closing.
  • Check the Exterior: Take a look at the exterior of your home for cracks and exposed entry points and pipes and have them sealed. Take a look at your windows as well and make sure they are properly caulked so no cold air creeps in. Lastly, make sure your home is properly insulated so you can stay warm all winter!
  • These are easy tips that you can do around your home to make sure you are fully prepared for the cold months ahead! To get a furnace tune-up for the winter call your HVAC professional, they’ll be happy to help!

    It’s been getting cold and that old furnace of yours will be cranking non-stop this winter. Make sure you take advantage of our $79 Furnace Efficiency Tune-Up Coupon!

    Casteel 25-Point Furnace Tune-Up Includes:

  • Check for Carbon Monoxide Leaks
  • Inspect Igniter
  • Inspect Rectifier Probe
  • Check Differential Pressure Switch
  • Inspect Draft Inducer
  • Inspect Exchanger for Micro Holes
  • Inspect Exchanger for Rust
  • Inspect Exchanger Face Plate
  • Check Pilot Assembly
  • Check Gas Valve Operation
  • Check for Gas Leaks
  • Check Gas Pressure
  • Inspect Limits and Safety Switches
  • Inspect Flue Conditions and Codes
  • Inspect Electrical Disconnect Wires
  • Inspect Electrical Component Wires
  • Inspect Door Switch for Safety
  • Check Safety Drain Pan Switches
  • Check Blower Motor
  • Inspect Indoor Coil for Visible Leaks
  • Minor Cleaning of Indoor Coil
  • Check Condensate Drain Line and Pump
  • Check Thermostat Operation / Calibration
  • Cycle System and Test Safety of Operation
  • Includes Standard 1″ Filters
  • It’s getting colder and colder and that old furnace of yours isn’t doing it’s job. Before you give it a good swift kick, read this. The problems you are experiencing with your furnace may be a simple issue that can be resolved quickly.

  • Check Your Settings– Before you run to call your HVAC professional make sure your dial is set on its proper settings. Simple enough, right? You’d be surprised how often this quick check is overlooked!
  • Check Breakers and Service Switch– Make sure all your switches are turned on! If your service switch isn’t on or any of the other for that matter, your furnace won’t work. you can find the service switch either on or near your furnace. Make sure to check the main breaker box in your house too! Sometimes all you need is to replace the switch.
  • The Outside Disconnect Switch– If you go outside and look around your unit there should be a switch that you can flip to turn the outside fan on. Also, make sure the main breaker switch for this is turned on as well. If it needs to be replaced, it is just a quick fix by your HVAC technician.
  • If these simple fixes did not solve your problem, then go ahead and call your HVAC professional to further assist you. These three simple check-ups can save you money, time and a phone call to a professional. So relax, you can most likely fix the problem yourself before your toes go numb this winter!

    How many times do we have to tell you, winter is right around the corner! We know you can feel the chill in the air. Make sure your furnace is in it’s best shape before it’s too late! Take advantage of our $79 Fall/Winter Efficiency Tune-Up deal!

    We check over 25 different points in our tune up, everything from checking for carbon monoxide leaks to checking your pilot assembly. Call us today or schedule your appointment online.

    Everyone is looking to save a few dollars these days and we want to make it easy for you. Winter is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get your furnace in tip-top shape! With our Split the fee coupon you have no excuse not to get a tune up. Split the $79 tune-up fee with your neighbor and save half!

    Your furnace is constantly exposed to dust, dirt and grime. This can hinder how well your furnace performs, increase your utility bills and even shorten the life of your system. So don’t wait any longer, grab a neighbor and get a tune up!

    Winter is here and you’ll be using your furnace a lot more. Here is a simple video showing the proper way to clean a furnace filter. This will keep your system running properly and efficiently all winter long!

    Of course, if you prefer, call us at Casteel Heating and Cooling and we’ll be happy to come and check out your system to make sure it’s ready for the Winter!