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Yes, you heard right, an audit! This is not your average audit; we offer a more professional solution then just switching to compact fluorescent lamps. We want to help you save money on your utility bills and maximize your comfort in your home! That is why our certified professionals run a series of tests for our advanced home energy audit. So what kind of tests do we run?

    Insulation R-rating for walls, attic, and foundation
    Heating and cooling equipment
    Whole house air leakage (blower door test)
    Ductwork leakage
    Electrical and lighting analysis
    Water heater and water usage
    Carbon monoxide
    Flue draft

How does this benefit you?

    Eliminate energy wastefulness
    Enhance your home’s comfort
    Reduce toxic indoor air pollutants
    Upgrade your home’s safety
    Exceed new government environmental and energy-consumption standards
    Decrease dependence on energy sources from outside the United States
    Maximize the resale value of your home

Casteel’s experienced professionals work with you through the whole process, we even conduct an interview to better understand what an ideal energy-efficient home means to you. We also provide a no obligation quote outlining the best course of action for making your ideal energy efficient home a reality.

Most potential home buyers wouldn’t dream of purchasing a property without getting a home inspection to look for structural problems, water damage, and other potentially costly issues. But few people consider the energy efficiency of a home, and an inefficient home can cost you a lot of money over the years.

If you’re out shopping for a new home, consider asking the seller to have an energy audit done on the home. This will show you where there’s room for future home improvements, but it will also help point out major problems, such as insufficient insulation, air leaks in the foundation or attic, and inefficient heating and cooling systems.

Aside from knowing where there are issues before you buy, you can also use the information gleaned in an energy audit to either reduce the price of the home based on the cost of renovations you’d have to complete, or you can ask the seller to have some of the renovations done before closing.

In the end, a little forethought regarding the efficiency of your new home can make a real difference for both your bottom line and your environmental footprint.

Casteel Heating and Cooling performs energy audits and will be glad to schedule one for you today!

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