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Hey y’all!  The official first day of Fall is September 22nd and I, for one, simply cannot believe it is almost here already and we are nearing 2013 so fast!  Being the decorator that I am, I have been browsing for ideas to bring some Autumn life into my home and I would love to share them with y’all today!

1. Spruce up your mantelpiece – It’s so nice to be able to cuddle with your family in the living room and by golly, I’d like some Fall feel to make this extra special.  You can add candles of all sizes, small pumpkins and leaves to the mantel.  Hanging a painting that has the colors of Fall is a good idea too! Just blame your shopping on needing to keep up with general home “renovations”! [Better Homes and Gardens]

2. Change up your blankets – I’m a true believer y’all in making your house a home.  To me, there is something to be said about Fall; it means comfort and warmth!  When those cold nights hit, you’ll want to grab a throw blanket or snuggle under the comforter.  For a new look, switch out your bedding and couch pillows for Fall-inspired colors!

3. Get inspired with Martha Stewart – I’m not kidding when I say that Martha Stewart is my idol when it comes to decorating and baking yummy treats! One of my favorite places to find Fall decor ideas is on the Martha Stewart website.  I’m a baker myself so as far as the yummy treats go, I will jump right in with my apron and bake all day! I also always have candles on hand that smell like pumpkin pie or apple cinnamon, perfect for getting your family and guests into the seasonal spirit!

Throughout this season, I will be pinning my favorite Fall decor ideas on my Pinterest board! Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!