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There are a lot of different HVAC businesses in the Atlanta/ Marietta areas. We all perform essentially the same service. Many of us have the same certifications and comparable experience. SO why should we use your company, Bob? I’ll tell you why.

Customer service is NOT dead here at Casteel Heating and Cooling. Not only do we listen to what our customers say, we ask them about our service. I personally send out survey cards to every one of our customers to make sure we have performed world class customer service for each and every one of them. To provide this world class service, we do year round customer service training, we survey every customer, complete customer feedback cards, and conduct thousands of phone interviews a year with existing customers.

SO, when I say we care, we care! From the first day in 1987 when we started this company, we have worked tirelessly to create a customer focused business. If you want to experience our world class service for yourself, feel free to call at 770-565-5884 or online at Contact Us