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Winter is just around the corner and that means dry indoor air! Do not fall victim to waking up with a dry, itchy throat – there is a solution! A humidifier is a great way to release cool or warm moisture into your home.

Using a humidifier has a variety of benefits especially to those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Some benefits include easier breathing, lesser chance of a cold or respiratory infection, reduces dry skin and throat and it will get rid of that annoying electric shock! Not to mention a humidifier will help keep your wood products like flooring, cabinets, and decorations from getting damaged.

It is important to keep balanced humidity levels in your home; you don’t want to have too much moisture! Too much moisture in the air can create a sticky or damp feeling or cause the air to smell musty. Keep your humidity balanced with the Honeywell Humidifier and don’t worry about suffering from dry air this winter!