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When you call your HVAC professional for a maintenance check up, what exactly are you asking them to do? In order to get the most out of your check-up you should be sure your HVAC professional is checking everything that needs to be done. Do not let them leave without having them preform the following tasks recommended by Kudzu.

Make sure you have the correct amount of refrigerant.

Make sure there are no refrigerant leaks by using a leak detector.

Check for and seal duct leakage in your central systems.

Measure air flow through the evaporator coil.

Make sure the control systems are working properly so that the heating system and cooling system can’t operate at the same time.

Make sure your electric terminals are inspected.

Check your oil motors and your belts to make sure they are running smoothly.

Check the thermostat, and that it is working properly.

Lubricate all the moving parts of your system.

Inspect the condensate drain in your HVAC system.

Check that your system is running properly, that it is turning on and off properly.

Whatever you do, don not let your HVAC professional leave without checking everything on the list above! You want to make sure you are getting what you paid for so you don’t run into more costly issues in the future!

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.  ~Proverb

Thank goodness for that! With Spring comes blue skies, warmer days, longer nights and…..spring cleaning?

That’s right…spring cleaning. What do we have to do with spring cleaning? There’s never a better time to get your AC in shape for the Spring and Summer months! We have complied a list of things you can do to prep your HVAC for the change in seasons.

  1. First and easiest thing to do? Change your filters! This isn’t just for Spring but now is a good time to do it!
  2. Pop your head into your attic to see if your ducts are sealed properly. How would you know? If you have the air on and it’s cold in your attic, you have a leak.
  3. Take a look at your condenser unit outside and see if it looks clean and free of debris that might stop the blades from running. During the winter leaves or dirt can get in there from the weather and they need to be removed.
  4. Make sure your exterior pipes are still properly insulated and protected from the weather. They can take a beating over the Winter months.

Anything else we would prefer you hire a professional to do. At Casteel Heating and Cooling, we are running a Sring/ Summer tune up special. For only $79 we perfrom the following tests and inspections:

  • Test Thermostat Operation / Calibration
  • Inspect Blower Belts
  • Lubricate Blower Motor
  • Lubricate Blower Wheel
  • Visual Inspection of Indoor Coil
  • Check Temperature Differential
  • Inspect Electrical Disconnect Wires
  • Inspect Electrical Component Wires
  • Test Line / Load Voltage
  • Test Refrigerant Charge
  • Inspect Ourdoor Coils Wash w/ Water
  • Inspect Condenser Fan Motor
  • Inspect Condenser Bearings
  • Electronic Freon Leak Inspection
  • Check Suction PSIG
  • Check Discharge PSIG
  • Check Superheat or Sub Cool
  • Check Amps on Outdoor Motor
  • Check Outdoor Entering Air
  • Check Outdoor Leaving Air
  • Check Indoor Entering Air Delta T
  • Check Indoor Leaving Air Delta T
  • Inspect Condensate Pump and Drains
  • Inspect Transformer
  • Includes Standard 1″ Filters

What are you waiting for? Let us do the dirty work so that you can get started enjoying Spring right away! Call us at 770-565-5884 or reach us online at