Seasonal tune ups for your HVAC system are important, especially in preparation for the summer and winter months. With the summer heat here (whether we like it or not!) we all know that our HVAC systems will be working a little bit harder than normal to keep us cool. Here is a quick checklist of the tasks your contractor should do to prevent any problems or unwanted costs this summer:

1. Clean! Your contractor should clean your evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils to enhance your system’s ability to cool your home. Dirty coils cause the system to run longer, resulting in a higher electric bill and lower life expectancy for your system.

2. Check Refrigerant Levels. He/she should check to make sure that there is just the right amount of refrigerant and adjust if needed. Too little or too much refrigerant could again, increase your energy bill and reduce the life of your system.

3. Check, Clean Again and Adjust It’s important to check, clean and adjust the blower components for your system. If your blowers go unchecked, it could create airflow problems which could reduce the efficiency of your system.

For more checklist items, refer to Energy Star’s maintenance checklist! If you have any questions or think you’re due for a tune up, schedule an appointment with your HVAC repair service!

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