Casteel Heating and Cooling offers direction and makes recommendation based on information that is backed up by testing and experience. One of the first tests we perform when replacing your HVAC unit is a Manual J “Residential Load Calculation.” This test ensures that your new unit is sized properly for your home. recommends the following:

Correct system sizing requires considering many factors other than simply reading the nameplate of the existing unit. Key factors for correctly sizing a heating and cooling system include the following:

  • The local climate
  • Size, shape, and orientation of the house
  • Insulation levels
  • Window area, location, and type
  • Air infiltration rates
  • The number and ages of occupants
  • Occupant comfort preferences
  • The types and efficiencies of lights and major home appliances (which give off heat).

Make sure that anytime you’re considering hiring an HVAC contractor you insist on having the Manual J Residential Load Calculation performed prior to signing any contract. At Casteel Heating and Cooling, we not only perform the Load Calculations but we also perform these tests as well:

  • Room by Room Airflow CalculationCasteel Heating and Cooling
  • Air Duct Leakage Calculation
  • Air Flow Leakage Reduction Guarantee
  • Infiltrometer Blower Door Test

We’ll do thorough research and testing before we recommend the right HVAC unit for you!  Call us today at 770-565-5884 Contact us online .

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