Nobody likes the effect that allergens have on you and while we may not be able to stop outside allergens, we can help you to reduce the allergens found in your home by providing you these simple tips.

First, be aware that having a hot and humid house can breed mold and dust mites.  By keeping your temperature at the ideal level of 70 F, with a humidity level of 50% or less, you are helping to decrease the buildup of allergens.  Another great way to combat mold is to use a dehumidifier.  A dehumidifier will significantly reduce the amount of humidity found in a home, lessening the ability for mold to grow.

Cleaning your home isn’t just for when you have guests, but keeping your home on a weekly cleaning routine can drastically reduce allergens too!  By vacuuming (with a HEPA filter), mopping, dusting and washing surfaces in your home, including windows and doors, you can be protecting yourself from having allergens.  It’s also recommended that you change your A/C filters once a month.

Casteel has dehumidifiers and can offer more suggestions for reducing potential allergens in your home.  Go online or call us today for an appointment at (770) 565-5884.  Also visit us on Facebook and Twitter for helpful tips!

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