“Wait, wait an audit?!” Yes, but this audit has real potential to save you some money! Not only are our audits extremely thorough, but we run a series of tests throughout your home to maximize your utility bill savings. So what kind of tests do we run?

  • Insulation R-rating for walls, attic, and foundation
  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • Whole house air leakage (blower door test)
  • Ductwork leakage
  • Electrical and lighting analysis
  • Water heater and water usage
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Flue draft

So what are the benefits?

  • Eliminate energy wastefulness
  • Enhance your home’s comfort
  • Reduce toxic indoor air pollutants
  • Upgrade your home’s safety
  • Exceed new government environmental and energy-consumption standards
  • Decrease dependence on energy sources from outside the United States
  • Maximize the resale value of your home

Casteel’s experienced professionals work with you during this process to help you understand how the audit’s results can save you money. We will also interview you to find out what you envision as your ideal energy-efficient home. At the end of this process, we will give you a no-obligation quote on how we can make your ideal energy efficient home a reality. For more information on getting a home energy audit visit us at www.casteelair.com, or contact us at 770-565-5884.

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