Winter is here and that means cold and flu season! Keeping your air at home clean will help you breath easier! There are some simple steps, recommended by, you can take around the house to help keep your air clean.

Ditch the Logs
Avoid wood-burning fire places. Yes, we know, nothing sets the mood like a fire, but they produce particles that can get into your lungs and make it harder to breath. Any type of smoke inhalant is not good for you, period.

Take those Cigarettes Outside
You do not need to be inhaling cigarette smoke or letting others in you home do the same. Once again, smoke inhalation is not good!

Keep those Dust Mites Out
Changing your sheets at least once a week and using bed-bug proof pillow cases will help eliminate dust mites that burrow in your mattress and sheets. Dust mites can trigger asthma attacks and allergies.

Filter Your Air
An air filter can reduce the amount of air particles that get into your lungs drastically. Also, remember to change your air filter often so it is working as efficiently as possible.

Ventilation System
A good ventilation system in your bathrooms and bedrooms can help reduce mold and mildew buildup. Also, since dust mites like humidity, try keeping your humidity levels low with a dehumidifier.

Check Your Stove
Make sure you have a good ventilation system on your stove. Even a gas stove can be a problem for people with lung issues. Make sure you have your gas stove checked so that the minimum amount of gas is escaping.

Take these simple steps to help improve the quality of air you are breathing in everyday, especially if you have issues with your lungs. Let the new year bring in a healthier and cleaner home!

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