We found an interesting article on Geothermal Systems and how drilling for water is a good way to reduce your electric bill by up to 50%. Not only would a Geothermal System help save you money, it helps your HVAC system and water heater run more efficiently and reduces your carbon footprint. Underground water averages 60 degrees year round, and harnessing that constant temperature can equal better heating and cooling efficiency. During the summer, a Geothermal System pulls cool water from the ground to cool your home cool your home, and expels your home’s heat back into the ground where it is quickly re-cooled. During cold winter months, the opposite process occurs.

Once thought to be too expensive for the majority of consumers, tax breaks on both the federal and state levels (reducing up to 65% of the total cost) have put Geothermal Systems within reach of most of the general public — well, sort of. While still relatively pricey and not an option for some, installing such a system can pay itself off over the years, reduce your monthly utility bills and your carbon footprint.

For more information on this interesting product and how it can help you, check out the article we read at Carynews.com and let us know what you think!

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