Homeowners need to stay abreast on new changes with federal regulations on Energy Star ratings and energy efficient products. There are many reliable products out there, and many of those products can pay themselves off in a short amount of time. But, according to Celia Kuperszmid-Lehrman, Deputy Home Editor at Consumer Reports, doing your own research is very important because there are a variety of “products whose energy-saving claims are mostly hype.” Keep in mind that some energy-saving projects aren’t worth doing unless they’re absolutely necessary. For example, replacing your current windows with Energy Star rated windows can be quite pricey, and take many years to pay themselves off.

If you plan to buy new energy-saving products or foresee it within your immediate future, stay abreast on new Energy Star federal regulations, new technologies, and research your products!

To read more about what you should keep in mind when buying new energy-saving technology and products visit www.PRNewswire.com.

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