With the hot summer temperatures and no reprieve from the humidity, the current environment is a rich breeding ground for mold growth. Mold, given the right environment, can also grow at unhealthy levels within your home. So how does mold grow, what are the health risks, and can one get rid of it?

Mold is a fungi that loves to grow in areas with lots of moisture. While we are always exposed to some level of mold, health problems can develop after being exposed to and breathing in high levels of the spores that mold releases. Symptoms of mold intake can be as simple as a cough, eye and sinus irritation to memory loss, headaches, asthma, difficulty breathing and in the worst case, death. Considering we spend the majority of our time at home, eliminating indoor mold growth is extremely important.

So how can you prevent and eliminate mold within your home? Often times, you can easily determine if you have mold by seeing it, or if you notice a strong dingy or stale smell. It’s a good idea to check all areas that involve water and heat such as your bathroom, AC indoor unit, kitchen and laundry areas. If you do spot mold, promptly clean it with a biocide such as bleach. It is also a good idea to have your duct work professionally cleaned and sanitized, in addition to having an air handler with a mold killing UV light installed to solve any mold problem in the future.

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