The temperature is getting lower and lower while your heating bill is getting higher and higher. Follow these six tips to help reduce your heating bill while trying to stay warm!

  • Socks! When your feet are cold, your whole body can feel cold. So throw on a pair of socks! It’ll warm you right up.
  • Using Other Heat Sources. There are plenty of activities you can do to heat your house without changing the thermostat. Cooking a meal in your oven or taking a warm shower and letting the steam warm the room.
  • Lower Your Thermostat. Most likely you won’t notice a difference if you lower it by a few degrees, but you will notice the difference in your bill.
  • Programmable Thermostat. You can program your heater to work when you are in the house, or shut off when your not home or sleeping. A programmable thermostat can be a great investment!
  • Call for a Checkup. Proper maintenance of your heating system will help keep your furnace running more efficiently. Call an HVAC professional to have a furnace tune-up.
  • Don’t Let the Heat Slip Out! Make sure you windows and doors are shut. Also try keeping doors shut to rooms you are not using.
  • Try using these low cost tips to help you save money on your heating bill this winter. Let us know if any of these suggestions helped you!

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